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Nouns, Verbs, etc.

Before we go any further, it might be a good idea to look at some of the technical terms we use when talking about English grammar.  Take a look at the glossary below.  The English word is on the left, the Polish equivalent on the right.

noun                  rzeczownik
verb                   czasownik
determiner       zaimek wskazujący
conjunction     spójnik
pronoun           zaimek
adjective          przymiotnik
adverb              przysłówek
preposition      przyimek
article               przedimek

You don't have to know these words--either in English or in Polish--to use English correctly.  But if you need help using English, it's sometimes a lot easier to use these words than to give 1,000 examples.  We'll be using these expressions in future posts.  

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