niedziela, 15 maja 2011

The Big Three Differences

There are many areas of difference between English and Polish.  Here are three of the most important:
1.      Different sounds: English uses several sounds that don’t exist in Polish, and vice versa—that is, Polish uses a few sounds that don’t exist in English.
2.      Different spelling system: The English spelling system is hardly a system at all, but a mix of many systems, including Latin, French and German. By contrast, Polish uses a logical system and one can usually pronounce a Polish word just by looking at it. The two systems have some similarities, but also many differences.
3.      Different grammar: English grammar works differently from Polish grammar; that is, the words work together in a different way. For this reason, translating Polish words to English words is not enough. We usually need to change the grammar—sometimes drastically!—to say the same thing.
In the blog entries to come, we’ll take a closer look at some of these differences. We’ll look at some common (and some uncommon!) examples and typical mistakes, and learn what to do about them.

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